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Jovenel Moïse Biography, Background & Education, Career, Marriage and Assassination

Jovenel Moïse (Born on 26th June 1968) was the Haitian president who was assassinated on 7 July 2021. The 53-year-old was an entrepreneur who rose through the ranks until he became one of the most powerful men in the country. A serial entrepreneur, the slain president worked on a number of projects meant to help the people of his impoverished Caribbean nation long before he was elected president. 

Background & Education 

Jovenel was born to a middle class family  in Trou-du-Nord. His father Etienne Moïse was a merchant while his mother Lucia Bruno was a seamstress. 

In 1974, the family moved to Port-au-Prince, where he attended the Don Durelin  National School, the Lycee Toussaint Louveture and the cultural center of the College- Canado- Haitien. He studied political science at Universite Quisqueya. 


He moved to Port-de-Paix and with little capital he had, he set up his first business named JOMAR Auto parts. He also developed an agricultural project of organic banana production in the Nord Ouest department in 10 hectares of land.

In 2001, together with Culligan, he started a drinking water plant for distribution to the North West and Northeast departments. 

In 2004, he became a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Northwest (CCINO) before being elected president of CCINO. Later, he became secretary General of the chamber of commerce and industry of Haiti (CCIH).

In 2008, he was among the founders of Haitian Energy Company SA, whose aim is to bring solar and wind power to 10 communities in the Northwest department. 

In 2012, he once again founded a company that would be very crucial in provision of employment opportunities. He founded Agritrans SA and helped create the first agricultural free trade zone in Haiti. This created lots of Agricultural projects that were responsible for more than 10,000 jobs. 


In 2015, president Michel Martellly designated him as the presidential candidate of the political party Martelly founded, PHTK- the Haitan Tet Kale Party. 

His campaign focused on promoting bio-ecological agriculture as an economic engine for Haiti, whose population is over fifty percent rural. He also promoted universal health Care and education, energy reform, rule of law, the creation of sustainable jobs, environmental protection and the creation of Haiti as a destination for ecotorism and agritourism. All these policies were supported by Martelly. 

The first round of elections were held on 15th October 2015. He received 32.8% of the votes, qualifying for a run-off with the second -place finisher Jude Celestin. Many observers termed the elections fraudulent after an exit poll done by Haiti Sentinel showed he only received 6% of the votes. Thousands of people took to the streets to oppose the election results. Due to the violent protestations, the runoff elections were postponed.

Special elections were held and Jocelerme Privert was installed the interim president until new elections were held. 

On 27th November 2016, election officials declared Jovenel had won the 2016 election in the first round based on preliminary, with an estimated voter turnout of 21%. 


In 1996, he married Marie Etienne Joseph. They were blessed with three children: Jomarlie Moise, Joverlein Moise and Jovenel Junior Moise. 

Jovenel Moise Assassination 

Jovenel was shot dead by unidentified attackers in his private residence at 1AM local time. This has sent turmoil and fear in the Caribbean Nation. 

“Around one o’clock in the morning during he night of Tuesday 6 to Wednesday 7 July 2021, a group of unidentified individuals, including some speaking Spanish, attacked the private residence of the president and fatally injured the head of state,” announced the Haiti Prime Minister Joseph.

His wife was also seriously wounded in the attack.