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Kagwe Mungai Breaks Up With Lover Sharon Mwangi:”Been Extraordinary”

Kagwe Mungai
Singer Kagwe Mungai has broken up with lover Sharon Mwangi. Photo: Kagwe Mungai.

Musician Kagwe Mungai has announced break up with content creator Sharon Mwangi.

The former lovers announced end of the relationship on an Instagram post on Friday, June 7.

They shared the heartbreaking news with their fans in a candid statement.

“You have been a part of our journey and for that, we are incredibly grateful. We want to be transparent with you all even though sharing this publicly feels a little cringe,”

“We know how easily facts can be misconstrued so know that anything you hear or read elsewhere is likely fiction or assumptions. The truth is, we have decided to lovingly separate as a couple. Our journey together has been extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection.” they posted.

The two also added that they still have love for each other but have chosen to take different paths to grow.

They insisted they have no negativity and only great memories and friendship.

“We won’t be engaging in further discussions on this and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy. Thank you to everyone who supported, prayed and rooted for us,” the statement said.

Recently popular content creator and brand influencer, Lynn Ngugi explained why she is yet to settle down and get married.

Speaking in an interview with Dr King’ori, the content creator disclosed that she was previously in a serious relationship, and even got engaged.

However, even after getting engaged, the relationship crumbled just as they were planning to officiate their union.

“I always wonder why it took so long, since then, when I start talking to someone we can’t go past three months because I feel that’s long enough to know someone,” Lynn said.