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Henry Desagu Reveals Why He Took A Break From Content Creation

Popular Kenyan comedian Henry Design has revealed why he decided to take a break from content creation.

While appearing on Oga Obinna Show, the Mwihoko based comedian said that after realising he was at the top matter creation he saw the need to take a break and explore new ways of creating content.

“When you’re at the top, you need to rest. After six years, sometimes you take a break to reorganize your thoughts and also observe how the industry is changing. With TikTok emerging and everyone creating content, you need to rebrand yourself,” Desagu explained.

He Emphasized the importance of self-care, saying that taking a break is essential for refreshing his creative process and strengthening his content strategy.

“After doing something for six years or a long time, you need to sit down and have a meeting with yourself to see if the strategies you’re using are still effective and what else you can do. Ultimately, the whole purpose of creating content is to make money,” Desagu elaborated.

Despite his temporary hiatus, Desagu reassured his fans that this does not mark the end of his creative journey.

He is currently involved in various other projects that require his attention, such as working with NGOs, digital marketing, and consultancy.

“There are other projects I’m working on as an artist. I can’t keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing; I need to think about new developments,” Desagu explained.