KAMP Announces New Collaboration With Nyce Media


The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) Board of Directors and management announced a joint collaborative one year alternative licensing agreement with Nyce Media, a marketing agency. The agreement will enable KAMP to generate alternative revenue from digital content that it shall be producing.

The agreement is also designed to be of benefit to KAMP members, who will now have an avenue for their music to reach a wider audience through Nyce media platforms and DJs Mixes.

Nyce Media provides digital solutions that connect brands and consumers. The agency has since developed and rolled out platforms that have interrupted the out-of-home advertising by providing entertainment and Wi-fi to matatus, bars and restaurants across the country at no cost. This is through a system that distributes content virtually with minimal interference.

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However, KAMP has clearly stated that its engagement with Nyce Media is voluntary, noting that any member willing to be featured in the DJ mixes should contact them through [email protected].

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