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Kassim Mohammed: Poverty Hasn’t Stopped 21-Year-Old From Becoming One Of The Best Football Commentators In Kenya

Kassim Mohammed has made a name for himself beyond the county of Kisii thanks to his exemplary football commentary skills and fluency in Swahili.

In an interview with WoK, the 21-year old journalism student credit his class six teacher for nurturing and nourishing his Swahili.

Despite experiencing a difficult childhood life, Mohammed continues to focus on his craft, hoping for a better future.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Mohammed was born in Jogoo, Kisii County and attended Jogoo Primary school before joining Kiogo Mixed Secondary school.

It was during his time at Jogoo Primary school when he realized his talent in journalism, which was backed by his Swahili teacher through mentorship.

“I loved Kiswahili while in class six through mentorship by my teacher, the late Yobesh Anyona. It was then when I loved Kiswahili and I started reading storybooks,” Mohammed told WoK.

After completion of his secondary school education, Mohammed enrolled to Elgon View College in Kisii Town where he is currently pursuing journalism.

Mohammed is, however, pleading with well wishers to chip in for purposes on helping him raise school fees which is a challenge.

“I have challenges raising school fees because I’m not from a well-off family. I’m not sure about finishing my studies but I’m hopeful God will open doors,” he said.

He noted that he has been interviewed by a number of radio stations, both mainstream and vernacular, but he is yet to receive a job offer.

At the moment, the aspiring journalist commentates local football matches and tournaments to raise money fo use an personal use and basic needs such as food.

Kassim Mohammed: Poverty Hasn't Stopped 21-Year-Old From Becoming One Of The Best Football Commentators In Kenya
Kassim Mohammed (in Arsenal jersey) commentating a live football match PHOTO/Original

Role models

On his role models, Mohammed said he is looking up to Radio Maisha sports presenter Stephen Mukangai and Citizen TV news anchor Rashid Abdalla.

“My role model in terms of football commentary is Stephen Mukangai because I’ve heard his story and what he has gone through to get to where he is. I feel like I’ve been in the same situation and that’s why he inspires me

“In terms of news anchoring, Rashid Abdalla inspires me the most. I thank God that I’m a position to do both news anchoring and football commentary,” he said.

Difficult childhood experience

Mohammed experienced a difficult childhood after his father divorced his mother and married another woman.

Following the divorce, his mother left their home leaving behind a two-months all baby under the care of Mohammed who was then in class five.

At the same time, his dad left their home and moved in with his new wife leaving the journalism student’s other siblings entirely dependent on him.

“I was like the parent because I was single-handedly taking care of my siblings. Some times I would miss school or leave the young child with the neighbour because my other siblings were still young,” Mohammed said.

After some time, his dad took his siblings and put them under his care leaving behind Mohammed.

His mother came back home after seven years.

“My mother came back and she would engage in casual jobs to raise money for food as I also work hard to support her,” Mohammed added.

To assist Kassim Mohammed complete his studies-MPesa or reach him on 0759 327692.