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Mugo Macharia: Kenyan Entrepreneur Turning Plastics Into Furniture 

By Prudence Minayo

Plastics are increasingly becoming a menace to the environment. In Kenya, despite the ban on single use plastic bags, plastic waste still litter dumpsites like Dandora which has over 1.8 million tonnes of waste. 

Mugo Macharia, through his company Noma Green Plastic Limited, has found an environmentally friendly use of these plastics bags which they recycle to make furniture. 

“We believe that we contribute to the action on climate change in two ways. One is that we clean up the environment. We take the waste plastic from landfills, which aggravate global warming,” he told Africa News. 

Here is the story of Mugo Macharia as told by WoK.

Mugo Macharia: Kenyan Entrepreneur Turning Plastics Into Furniture 

Noma Green 

Founded in 2020, Noma Green Plastics Limited gathers up to 30 tonnes of plastic every single month. Mugo believes that by using plastics instead of wood, they are not just cleaning the environment but conserving trees as well. The plastic poles are equivalent to the wooden poles and are ideal in the fight against deforestation. 

According to him, plastics are ideal since they are malleable and can be turned into many forms. They turn the plastics into outdoor tables, chairs and many other forms of furniture. Plastics can be turned into anything depending on imagination and creativity. One can give them plastic wastes and have it returned to then in whatever form. 

Apart from plastic furniture, the business also produces about 100 fence poles per day which can last up to forty years. The poles sold at an estimated Ksh900. This business does not just collect plastic but it also does clean ups. 

Mugo Macharia: Kenyan Entrepreneur Turning Plastics Into Furniture 


Before co-founding Noma Green in 2020, he worked as:

  •  A digital strategist at Bean Interactive Limited from January 2017 to 2019.
  • Social lead at squad digital 
  • A consultant, IT Division at Hallmark Recruitment before working as a senior consultant IT head-hunter across East Africa. Hallmark Recruitment is one of the biggest head hunting agencies in East Africa. 
  • Business Development at Black Hammock. 


Mugo has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Nairobi and a diploma in Information Technology from Strathmore University.