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Kenrazy: From One Of The Highest Paid Artist In Kenya, Family And Rekindling Career

Kenrazy is a Kenyan musician whose songs have in the past topped charts in the local charts. From releasing catchy music to electrifying stage performances, he won the hearts of many Kenyans and gained a huge following.

While his music career went on a lull for sometime, he still releases music with his rap game having evolved greatly over the years. 

Real Name 

His real name is Kenneth Aketch Oluoch. Initially, he had called himself H3 as all his names ended in H. However, whenever he would perform people would say he was crazy. Hence, he took the word and coined it to form the name Kenrazy.

High School 

The Ghipuka lyricist fell in love with music at a young age and continued with the same love after joining St. Mary’s Yala for high school. Here, he would clinch his position as a school rapper while in Form one. The volleyball team loved him and would carry him along for their games so he could act as a hype master. He wrote his first hit song Ti Chi while still in high school. 

Music Career 

After high school, he started hanging around places frequented by musicians. It was here that he began to rap on stage before shows could begin and his talent was discovered.

The musician was signed by Jomino Entertainment and his his song Ti Chi became a hit. He also got to perform for the Orange Democratic Party during the election campaigns. 

Initially, his father was not keen on the idea of him pursuing music as he had been an A student. However, his success made him accept his son’s choices. He continued to release music with songs, like, Ashu Kwashu. He also worked with Naiboi who helped release his first album. 

In a past interview with Obinna, he revealed that he made a lot of money from his music back in the day. Being among the first musicians to join Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), they would earn a lot. He got Ksh800,000 from them.

At the time, they would pay quarterly and that was a lot at the time. However, since he was young he did not know what to do with the money and spent it on family and friends. 

Kenrazy then joined Grand Pa records where they went on to build a name for themselves in the industry. With songs like Mbilikimo Mkora, he and the team clinched their space in the Kenyan music industry. 


Later, he left Grand Pa and started making music on his own. His songs, however, have been struggling to receive as much traction as before. He has a YouTube channel which currently has over 20k subscribers.

He has released several songs, one featuring his former colleague Visita. His latest song Shida Mbili was posted two weeks ago. 


The artist has been in a relationship with Sosuun for years. The duo met when Kenrazy was in his 20s and fame was still a far away dream. 

They have stuck with each other and have two children. The two separated for a while because of in-laws but they got back together.