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Kenyan Woman in UK Making Success in The Food Industry

Perez Ochieng.
Perez Ochieng a Kenyan woman shining in the UK food industry. Photo/Facebook.

Perez Ochieng grew up in a humble background now she is the CEO of a food company in the United Kingdom (UK).

Perez is the CEO and co-founder of SACOMA Business Innovation, which focuses on health and intelligent nutrition.

She founded the company with her husband Sam Ochieng.

In an interview with Nairobileo, the couple has been in the food business since 1998.

The company originally focused on importing and exporting fresh produce.

It was while importing fresh produce that they made headlines when Prince Charles  (now King Charles) was served their sweet potato imports.

The Prince fell in love with them. Sadly they stopped importing and exporting fresh produce due to challenges in Kenya.

The company ventured into health and intelligent nutrition, developing new food products for health and well-being.

“We look at food products and see how this resonates with the global food trends. The trends could be health and well-being, healthy eating …As a company, our innovation is focusing on making sure that our products are in trend with global issues,” Perez is quoted.

With its success in the UK, the company has not forgotten Kenya and has been empowering farmers since 2006.

SACOMA has won several awards for innovation in the food industry.

In 2017, the company won the IFE Food Innovation Award for the Sacoma-Kaney sweet potato initiative.

The Commonwealth Champion selected SACOMA to promote the UK products’ entry into the Commonwealth markets in 2018.

Perez herself has won a lifetime award as an innovator and inventor.

She was nominated as a global woman Innovator and Inventor at the London Business Awards for Business Woman of the Year.