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Kenyans Running Small Businesses Share Their Secrets to Success:”Be Disciplined”

Kenyan business owners revealed some of the secrets to running a successful business. Photo/CS Monitor.

A section of Kenyans running small businesses are sharing the secrets to what has made them succeed in their trade.

In a post on the popular business group, Tujengane Business Ideas Plug, they revealed that consistency and discipline were key to making business a success.

Consistency, discipline and of course prayers – Tranquil Haven said.

Other business owners said being focused and determined sets a business in a good direction.

Love what you do, focus on the goal, and believe no one can do better than yourself. To date, I still believe I am the best soap seller in Kenya, learn about your job, and don’t just sell, understand your business line. Usichoke – EcoSoap Kenya said.

Being a good manager with a keen eye on market trends was also mentioned by business owners.

Managing well what you get, saving for bad days, being keen on market trends, and other things perseverance and staying in the original form of how people know you… don’t change – Stevvy Forest added.

For many Kenyan business owners debts incurred from borrowing loans and giving clients goods or services on credit have affected them, many blamed this for the collapse of most businesses.

The good tongue of persuading customers, prayers, determination, persistence, engaging all and avoiding debts as much as you can, braveness and courage – Jecinta Rose shared.

WoK recently reported on the challenges faced by Kenyans in running a business, the hard economic times and taxes cropped up as some of the major reasons that are forcing business people and entrepreneurs to nearly give up.