Kezziah Muriithi: From Aspiring Kikuyu vernacular radio presenter To Founding Successful Errands Company

Kezziah Muriithi is the founder of Kezz Errands Services, a company that runs errands for people around Nairobi. Although common in other parts of the world, this service is relatively new in Kenya. This means that competition is pretty low.

Speaking on KTN’s Millenials on the Move, the young entrepreneur explained her journey towards establishing the successful company. 

Here is her journey as told by WoK.


Born in a Christian family, she has always believed in God. She learnt from an early age to trust in the Lord in everything that she does. In high school, she was deeply involved in the Christian Union and it is also here that her aspirations to become a journalist changed. 

Growing up, her aspiration was to become a Kikuyu vernacular radio presenter but she would go on to study psychology. 

Errands Business 

Later, she decided to begin doing errands for busy people. Initially, her parents were sceptical about the idea. Not only was it a new idea but they were also concerned about her safety.

However, as time went by and they began to see her work on social media, they gave her their blessings. Her advice to parents is that they should allow their children to pursue their dreams as long as it isn’t something bad. 

A typical day in her life involves waking up, then doing morning devotion. Afterwards she shares a word with her followers.

This is followed by checking her social media platforms to check whether she has orders from clients. 

Types of errands and clients 

The entrepreneur does all kinds of errands from market shopping, finding deco pieces to banking cheques. While she may delegate some of her duties, she banks clients cheques by herself. This is because she identifies it takes a certain level of trust to be sent on such an errand. 

One of the turning points in her career was when she reached out to a social media personality and content creater called Pika na Raych.

At the time, she was undergoing very difficult times and was at her wit’s end. When the celebrity responded to her within minutes and gave her an urgent errand, she was elated. She delivered and days later Raych commended her services on social media.

This opened a lot of doors for her. So far, she has worked with numerous clients and believes at the center of her success is God. She said that there is need to put God in everything if one wants to succeed.

Another famous personality who was impressed with her work is Milly WaJesus who sent her on an errand to Marikiti market. 

The dream for her is to be able to grow and serve clients from all over the country.