Patrick Mugambi: How Entrepreneur Turned Job Loss Into A Thriving Web Development Business

In 2014, Patrick Mugambi embarked on a remarkable journey when he started his own business, Urban Kreatives, while still holding down a full-time job at a company specializing in web development for diverse clients.

This dual commitment demanded exceptional dedication and time management skills, with Patrick often meeting clients during lunch breaks and after his day job.

“I had no free time at all because I was juggling these two jobs, and most of the time, I was in matatus (public transport vans) going to meet clients in various meetings,” Patrick recalls.

His tireless dedication to both roles, however, would soon lead to an unexpected turning point in his career.

As time passed, it became increasingly apparent that his salaried position was beginning to compete with his burgeoning entrepreneurial venture—a situation that didn’t sit well with his employer.

In 2014, as the year was drawing to a close, Patrick’s employer decided to part ways with him. This pivotal moment, though initially challenging, opened up a world of opportunities for Patrick.

Recognizing the growing importance of an online presence for businesses, Patrick decided to focus his energies on web development.

He understood that in this digital age, having a website is paramount for any business, as it serves as a crucial platform to engage with potential customers and showcase products and services.

“My company creates websites for businesses so they can easily sell their products and services online,” Patrick explains.

His dedication to tailoring websites to meet the unique needs of each client has been a key factor in the success of Urban Kreatives.

One of the distinguishing features of Patrick’s approach is flexibility. He understands that the cost of web development should align with the client’s vision and requirements.

Therefore, the price of his services depends on the size and features of the website, ensuring that clients receive tailored solutions that suit their budget.

“For example, some clients choose domains that cost Sh800, while others go for Sh1,200, so it depends on what kind of service the client wants,” he elaborates.

For website development services, clients typically pay between Sh100,000 and Sh500,000, reflecting the diversity of project demands.

Patrick’s journey has been filled with challenges, but these obstacles have only served to strengthen his resolve.

Over time, he has honed his skills, becoming adept at handling the multifaceted challenges of web development.