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Khalif Kairo Reveals He Doesn’t Have House:”Naishi Kwa Rentals”


Khalif Kairo.
Khalif Kairo owns a successful car dealership in Kenya. Photo/Kai and Karo.

Car dealer Khalif Kairo has admitted he does not own a house despite his wealth.

Khalif who owns the successful Kai and Karo car dealership was speaking on the Iko Nini podcast.

“Mimi personally naishi kwa rentals wacha ku drive Porsche jet naweza nunua nikishi kwa rentals,” Kairo said.

The businessman said he lives in Lavington and his rent is less than KSh 100k with access to services like malls, and shopping centres and is yet to get married.

Kairo said committing KSh 20 to 30 million to buy a house does not make sense to him at this stage.

The car dealer said the money he would have used to buy a house or land was better channelled to his business expansion and marketing strategies.

Kairo said the current generation is not focused on buying land or owning a house but instead on self-improvement.

WoK previously reported on how Khalif Kairo has ventured into the world of planes through JetmanGlobal, an appendage of Kai and Kairo, they lease and sell planes.

Kairo acquired his private pilot license from Flightstar flight academy in 2022.

The ambitious car dealer is working on getting a commercial pilot license.

Kairo was previously the CEO of Imports By Kairo, but he left unceremoniously following a supremacy battle pitting executive directors of the company.

He was forced out of the company but he bounced back and launched Kai and Kairo where he is the sole investor.