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Khaligraph Jones Net Worth, YouTube Earnings And Properties He Owns

It goes without saying that Khaligraph Jones is an A list artist, atleast according to Kenyan standards. He has wowed us with hits after hits and he doesn’t seem to slow down. This, flavored with his stunts off stage, has made him a darling to many in the region. Critics aside, Khali makes a rather decent living from his music compared to his struggling contemporaries.

So whats the net worth of Khaligraph Jones? We explore that and whatever else that make him the real OG.

YouTube earnings

Making ‘real cash’ on YouTube is reserved for the big boys. Those artists who post a video and attract over 500,000 views on the first day-ala Diamond Platnumz. Our very own hip hop star makes a good account of himself on YouTube as he commands over one million views on some of his videos.

Here is a preview of what Khaligraph Jones earns from YouTube courtesy of mk.youtubers.me. The earnings are however not up to date:

Earnings from endorsement
Endorsements is every artist dream. The money is good. It’s what can afford you the lifestyle of the rich and famous-again, according to our Kenyan standards. For a corporate to consider you for an endorsement you have to have a following. A huge following. And Khali has that following which has earned him a good deal of endorsements.
Khaligraph Jones Net Worth, YouTube Earnings And Properties He Owns
The East African Breweries Limited (EABL) is one of the most profitable company in the region. The, rapper who traces his roots from the crime infested estate of Kayole, banked a major deal with EABL in 2017. He was the face of Tusker Lite. Such and endorsement comes with big bucks in the tune of millions. The rapper may have made upwards of kes2 million from the deal.

Luc Bellaire
Those who drown Konyangi will probably have no clue what Luc Belaire is. For beginners, Luc Belaire is a family of sparkling wines from France. It is endorsed by big wigs like Rick Ross and producer DJ Khaled. Locally, the expensive wine is endorsed by Jones. This deal was anywhere between kes2 million to upwards of kes5 million.

The artist is said to own a number of rides. The Range Rover he has been flaunting is said to belong to someone else.

Reports on some blogs seemed to suggest that the artist owns a house. According to well placed sources, the artist is a tenant.

He has a studio.
His net worth
His estimated net worth is kes7 million.