Salaries Of Clerical Officers In The Judiciary And Requirements

Clerical officers, now known as court assistant, are the engine that drives the courts across the country. So the obvious question would be: what are the salaries of clerical officers in Kenya? First let’s look at the duties performed by these officers and thereafter their remuneration.

Every year, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) advertises tens of jobs on their websites and on the mainstream media. The duties listed of the clerical officers include:


– Be in possession of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education mean grade C- with a C- in English & Swahili or its accepted equivalent;
– Have school-leaving certificate
– Be proficient in computer applications.
– Certification in Foreign Languages, Braille and (or) Sign Languages will be an added advantage

Duties and Responsibilities

– Compiling statistical records based on routine or special sources of information;
– Filing of documents including pleadings, letters and receipts;
– Assessing and collecting court fees, deposits and fines.
– Registration of cases and opening and retrieval of case files;
– Issuance of summonses, notices and preparation of warrants;
– Proof-reading court proceedings;
– Entering judgments and other court orders;
– Compiling of statistical returns.
– Ensuring that the courtrooms
-chambers are properly arranged and that files and stationery are available for use by judicial officers;
– Interpreting proceedings;
– Conducting swearing;
– Preparing orders for signature;
– Maintaining court diaries;
– Receiving, listing and securing exhibits; and
– Ensuring security of files and exhibits.

So how much do they earn?

Their allowances aside, which are modest by any standard, takes home kes40,000 net pay per month.
Senior clerical officers earn between kes60,000 to kes70,000. Next