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HomenewsKibaki Children Against DNA Test To Ascertain Paternity Of 2 People Fighting...

Kibaki Children Against DNA Test To Ascertain Paternity Of 2 People Fighting For Slice Of Wealth

The late former president Mwai Kibaki’s children have rejected a proposal for DNA testing for two people claiming to be their siblings.

The two people in question – Jacob Ocholla and a woman codenamed JNL – moved to court claiming to be the late president’s children and demanded a share of his wealth.

Led by Judith Wanjiku, Kibaki’s four children have asked the court to dismiss the request, arguing that the same is in violation their privacy.

Ocholla and JNL asked the court to order a paternity test for them and Kibaki’s four children to establish whether they are children of the late President.

At the same time, the two also asked the court to order the exhumation of the late president’s remains for collecting of DNA samples for paternity testing.

Ocholla’s lawyer, Morara Omoke, suggested the exhumation since there was no known DNA samples of Kibaki that have been stored in a data bank or facility.

However, Judy has dismissed the same on behalf of her siblings and disputed the parentage of the two following a collapsed mediation between the two sides as ordered by High Court judge Maureen Odero.

She also noted that exhumation of her father’s body cannot be granted as he was laid to rest in a State funeral and his burial was a matter of national and international importance and publicly funded.

Judy also noted that Ocholla and JNL are not listed in Kibaki’s last will dated November 30, 2016, in which he shared his wealth among his children equally.

She also dismissed JNL’s photograph with Kibaki noting that since he was a public figure, he was often photographed with various people.

At the same time, she noted that there is no documentary evidence or third-party collaboration of Ocholla’s allegations of his relationship with Kibaki.