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Kimingi Muigai: Owner Of The Hotel With Floating Rooms On A Dam

  • Kimingi Muigai is the founder and owner of K’s Floating Getaway in Redhill, Kiambu County.
  • He came up with the idea of creating floating rooms while he was in the United States and when he came back to Kenya, he started the journey with the help of his father who is an architect.

Here is what WoK has gathered on the unique K’s Floating Getaway and its founder.


Kimingi Muigai is a young Kenyan entrepreneur and an adrenaline junkie who enjoys camping, hiking, nature and outdoor activities.

The entrepreneur first came up with the idea of creating floating rooms during the Covid 19 pandemic when he was based in the United States. He began the journey of building the floating camps at a small dam in Redhill, Kiambu. With the help of his father who is an architect, they implemented the idea and in January 2022 the facility opened its doors to the public.

“I wanted to provide a unique out-of-the-box experience. I don’t think you will see something like this in Nairobi. You will have to go to Naivasha or Coast and so I decided to make it unique,” he told KTN Nailantei Kenga.

K’s Floating Getaway

Photo courtesy of KTN

The gateway is situated in a man made dam in the Redhill area just 20 kilometers away from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). The dam has tilapia but is not infested with any dangerous animals.

The tent was handmade by Kimingi and his father using materials such as canvas and varnished wood. The tents are powered by solar panels to ensure proper lighting for visitors sleeping at the facility at night.

Individuals can visit the facility to do camping and participate in zip lining, fishing and boat riding. In order to get to the floating tents, one needs to get onboard a home-made boat that leads you to the middle of the dam where it is about 60 feet deep.

Photo courtesy of ktn

The tents are self-contained with a hot water shower, a toilet and a bedroom. The tents are able to accommodate up to six people and offers various amenities including a television and free Wi-Fi. The place is secure with a 24 hour guard and several well-trained dogs.

“We have 18 dogs. That is enough security, plus who wants to come for you in the middle of a dam?” he said jokingly.