Kinyash: ‘Pasua’ Comedian Who Owns A Football Club 

Alex Wamatu came to be known as Kinyanjui or simply Kinyash to many Kenyans. This was courtesy to role in played on a local TV series on state broadcaster KBC.

His popularity grew when Pasua, one of the first prank show aired aired on the same TV station.

He has gone on to build a character based on the name Kinyash and even has a YouTube channel with the same name. In a past interview with a local daily, he said the character Kinyash was a stress reliever.

“I have always loved to entertain, from a very young age. I believe Kinyash is a stress reliever from an otherwise very stressful economic situation currently,” said the 2013 Best TV Comedian of the Year nominee at the Kalasha Awards. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Raised by a single mother, he was born in Kiambu’s Mwimuto village.

Getting into the comedy/ acting  world 

After completing high school, he was hosted by some friends. Having no job prospects, he conceived the idea to start a prank show, Pasua.

The show became a success receiving air time on both KBC and KTN for eight years (2010 to 2018). For him, doing the show was not only fun but provided an escape from life’s hurdles. 

Thanks to his character on Pasua, he has been able to land other opportunities on shows like Classmate.

His YouTube channel, founded in 2015, has over 570 videos and more than 170,000 subscribers. He uses it to share funny clips and skits. 

Along the way, he has encountered a number of challenges in the industry. In a past interview with Tuko, he mentioned that a TV station once aired his show for six months yet they did not pay him anything.

Football Club 

Recently, the comedian disclosed that he owns a football club called Mwimuto Wailers football club.

The club was initially founded by reggae enthusiasts but had been slowly falling apart. He decided to take over in 2023 and hopes that through the club a lot of young talents are going to be nurtured.

The club plays Division one of the National League and his hope is that the players would make it as far as the English Premier League. 

Personal Life 

The comedian is married to an actress and the two are parents. This responsibility helps him to continue working hard.

Apart from acting, his wife is also a scriptwriter. They discovered the need to venture into other things when their salaries would get delayed.

Since they both relied on the same source, at times it was difficult for the couple.