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Koto Housing Kenya: The Company Owned By The Kenyatta’s Constructing 2000 Housing Units For Police Officers

The Kenyatta family has produced two presidents and ranks among the wealthiest individuals in the country. According to a report released by Oxfam International, the Kenyatta’s are the second richest family in Kenya. They have footprints in almost all the sectors of the economy. 

In this article, WoK takes a look at Koto Housing Kenya-the company that has been awarded a multi-billion tender to construct police officers housing units. 

Koto Housing Kenya Limited

According to DN, the company that is owned by the Kenyatta family bagged a kesh2.6 billion contract to construct 2000 housing units for police officers. This deal put an end to leasing of apartments from politically connected individuals by the National Police Service. 

About the Company

The company website states that KOTO-a licencee of KOTO CORP (Malaysia)- was established in 2014 to provide “affordable housing and building solutions using alternative building technology”. 

The company also constructs classrooms, bungalows, maisonettes for individuals who have met their stringent requirements. 

Police Housing Units in Kamulu and Migosi

The housing units are in Kamulu and Migosi. 


Koto Housing Kenya Limited has partnered with NCBA. 

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