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Charlene Chelagat: Shares And Multi-Million Property Owned By Hardworking ‘First Daughter’

President William Ruto source of wealth has always been a subject of debate with his opponents accusing him of being corrupt. On his part, the president has credited his business acumen for enabling to be among the wealthiest individuals in the country

A company that was associated with the head of state known as Matiny Limited was transferred to his wife Rachel Ruto and daughter Charlene Chelagat.

According to reports from the Business Registration Service, the wife and daughter own six and one share respectively in the company. Rachel is the secretary of Matiny. 

What is owned by Rachel and her daughter’s company

Kes20 million in Woodley

The duo own a house in Woodley Estate that was valued at Ksh20 million by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in 2019. The 103 units were meant to provide affordable housing to Nairobi residents but ended in the hands of powerful politicians and businessmen in the Moi regime.

According to a report by the Daily Nation, the beneficiaries of the units claimed to have bought the houses from City Hall following the right channels. The house was recovered by EACC in 2020. 

Leasing police house

The company owned 170 apartments which had been leased to the National Police Service (NPS) since 2015. It was until November 2018 when NPS opted out of leasing houses for officers. 

Weston Hotel

Matiny Ltd is a minority share at the four star Weston Hotel. The company owns 539 shares while Ms Ruto owns 15,013 shares and Charlene Chelagat 10,013 shares. The DP’s daughter doubles as Weston’s Director of Public Relations and Branding. 

Charlene is also Weston’s Director of Public Relations and Branding, which means it is her duty to ensure the facility maintains a world-class appearance while keeping good relations with the public and the media.

Charlene claimed she sold smokie kachumbari while she was a student at Daystar University. She has become the butt of jokes on social media platforms.

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