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HomenewsLavington Residents Oppose Construction of a Petrol Station in the Area

Lavington Residents Oppose Construction of a Petrol Station in the Area

A section of residents from Lavington, Nairobi have raised concerns over a private developer who wants to build a petrol station in the area.

Speaking in a presser, the Lavington Five Roads Residents’ Association led by their Chairman Ndirangi WaMaina called on the county government to take action and stop the construction.

They argue that there was no public participation on the same before construction works commenced, adding that it will have an environmental impact on residents.

WaMaina took issue with Nairobi County government for approving the construction of the petrol station even though regulations were not followed.

“I haven’t found one person who was approached and asked about the NEMA process. As far as we know, the public participation for NEMA did not happen, yet they have the NEMA licence, how did it happen?” He posed.

Adding; “The constitution provides for public participation in such matters and this requirement is sometimes skipped. Sometimes they invite us to give our opinion, we object to proposals but they over-ride us.”

WaMaina said that no commercial buildings are supposed to be put up in their neighborhood.

“Our message is very clear, we are calling upon Nairobi governor and  head of Nema to revoke the licenses of this developer who is putting up a commercial building in a low-density residential area,” he said.

On the other hand, St. Austin’s School Principal Joseph Sambu said that the petrol station’s underground fuel storage tank is most likely contaminate the school borehole.

“We are objecting because we have boreholes around and the storage of that fuel underground is likely to contaminate our water,” Sambu said.

Sambu also pointed out that shops selling liquor at the petrol station could tempt students.

“The volatility of petrol products, which may lead to evaporation into the air and the water in area boreholes, can cause students and residents to fall sick,” he added.

The residents have since filed a case against the construction.