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Laxmanbhai: Man Who Constructed Villa Rosa Kempinski, Stanley Hotel

Laxmanbhai Bhimji is the founder of one of Kenya’s leading construction companies- Laxmanbhai Construction Limited. The businessman passed away at the age of 94 having seen the growth of his company which was founded in pre-independent Kenya.

The company has seen all the political and economic upheavals that have plagued the country.

It has remained a strong contender in the construction industry and its signature can be seen in numerous buildings spread across the country, from schools, hotels to residential properties.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Founding the company 

Mr. Bhimji registered the company in 1953 with Ksh100,000 capital and thirty staff members. By 1972, the company was fast expanding into other markets in India, UK, Seychelles and Mauritius. Their growth spurt continued into the 80s and even during the 90s recession. 

Growth and projects 

Laxmanbhai construction limited build a reputation for providing state of the art quality projects. They invested in experienced staff and technology and continued to impress upon their clients.

Their ethics and professionalism continued to be felt throughout the industry. They also treat their clients with equal dignity no matter the price of the project. They have worked on projects worth billions of money and other projects worth less than Ksh5 million. 

The company has its imprints on numerous projects and skyscrapers including: 

  • Nyayo house 
  • Teleposta tower 
  • Rahimtulla trust tower
  • Lonrho house
  • Britam tower 
  • English Point Marina
  • The Stanley hotel 
  • Hemingways hotel in Karen 
  • Villa Rosa Kempinski
  • Crown Plaza Hotel Annexe 
  • The Hub Karen 
  • Westend Tower 
  • Westgate mall 
  • I&M headquarters 
  • Garden city residences 
  • Bamburi beach homes 
  • Laxcon court 
  • Brookhouse International School 
  • Gems International School 
  • Agha Khan Academy 
  • Agha Khan University Center 

The death of the founder 

The businessman passed away in India on Thursday. 

“It is with immense grief and sadness that we lose our largest sponsor to date the legendary contractor Laxmanbhai who has virtually built the best buildings in the country,” a statement by the company read. 

“For us at Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd, we would not be the company that we are, without his guidance, vision, blessings, and hard work. His work ethic, discipline, and fighting spirit are an example to follow for all our current and future employees.”