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List Of Celebrities Who Have Blocked Andrew Kibe On Social Media

Andrew Kibe worked as a radio presenter in Kenya before relocating to the US where he kicked off his podcasting career.

However, the media personality settled on a niche that has seen him brush shoulders with top Kenyans celebrities.

Just recently, Kibe released a list of Kenyan celebrities and media companies that have blocked him on social media.

In this article, WoK looks at these celebrities and what could have informed their decision to block the podcaster from their social media life.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro is a media personality who started her career at Ebru TV where she was prime time new anchor.

She has worked with Kibe at NRG Radio and Radio Africa Group’s Kiss FM where they hosted the morning show together.

Kibe left the radio station in June 2020, shortly before Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o joined Kamene.

In January 2020, Kamene opened up on her fallout with Kibe saying she tried to maintain her friendship with Kibe but things could not work out.

kamene added that she blocked Kibe on her social media platforms after he started attacking her online.

Mwalimu Rachel

Mwalimu Rachel is an entertainer and a radio presenter working with NRG Radio.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Kibe explained that he was not aware that he had been blocked by the radio presenter until when he checked her Twitter page.

Kibe noted that he has never crossed paths with Mwalimu Rachel who was previously accused of exploiting upcoming artistes through her company, MRX Media.

NRG Radio

NRG Radio is a radio station known for its engaging, entertaining, informing and inspiring conversations.

Kibe said he is blocked by the radio station on Instagram. He worked for NRG Radio until June 2020 when he quit to join Kiss FM.

Following their exit, Kibe and Kamene Goro were sued by the radio station for prematurely terminating their contract.

The two resigned from NRG Radio and paid their ex-employer three months salary in lieu of notice.


Pulselive is a news website covering news, music, movies and entertainment in general.

Without stating the reason, Kibe pointed out the Pulselive was among first entities to block him on Instagram.

Terence Creative

Terence Creative, a digital content creator and brand influencer has had a longstanding social media tiff with Kibe.

The most recent incident that saw Terence go haywire was when Kibe called him out for dancing while wearing boxer shorts.

Responding to Kibe, the comedian vowed to file a petition to have Kibe deported from the US, accusing him of sleeping with underage girls and fleeing to the US to evade arrest

“Andrew Kibe has been sleeping with young girls, and the cases are ongoing. In fact, I would urge any underage girls who have had sexual relations with Andrew Kibe to come forward,” Terence said.

Milly Chebby

Millicent Chebet is comedian Terence Creative’s wife.

In one of his videos, Kibe called out Terence for involving his wife in his comedy skits arguing that the videos were not funny.

“The problem is, because maybe he cheated on his wife. And now he feels obligated to her. So she’s coming up with this horrible ideas, and he’s just following. Why Terence are you flowing with this silly ideas?” Kibe wondered.

Following the remarks, Chebby has been hitting out at Kibe every time the podcaster’s name comes up during media interviews.

Mungai Eve

Evelyn Wanjiku Mungai, also known as Mungai Eve is a content creator running the ‘Mungai Eve’ YouTube channel.

Recently, Kibe sarcastically reacted to being blocked by the YouTuber and wondered how he will be keeping up with her life.

He also advised her boyfriend, Director Trevor to start investing in himself saying that he will be the biggest loser in the relationship should he and Mungai break up.

Presenter Ali

Presenter Ali is a digital content creator running a successful YouTube channel.

Presenter Ali’s beef with Kibe started when the former unleashed his criticism on Kenyan YouTubers saying they dropped the ball after getting into relationships.

He mentioned Nicholas Kioko, Commentator 253 and Presenter Ali.

In his response, Presenter Ali threatened to bring down Kibe’s YouTube channel if he continues to attack him and his wife.

Director Trevor

Director Trevor is Mungai Eve’s boyfriend.

Kibe said he is among the first people to block him on their social media platforms.

Director Trevor’s beef with Kibe started in January 2022 when the former radio presenter started discussing their relationship.

Kibe said Eve does not respect his boyfriend enough, adding that Trevor lacks the courage to stand up as the relationship’s head.

Eve fired back at Kibe saying that at his old age, she could not understand how he had the time to insult young and uprising personalities in the industry. 

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