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List Of Flats Owned By DP Ruto And Family Leased To National Police Service

The directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta cancelling leases of police houses will save the Government an estimated kes3billion annually. Junior police officers and their prison counterparts will now receive house allowances under the new police reforms announced by the President. In the past, only officers in the rank of inspector and above pocketed house allowances. This new directive is however not welcomed by landlords who made a killing in the leases. Deputy President William Ruto was among the beneficiaries of this arrangement until now. We take a look at the flats the DP leased to the National Police Service (NPS) and how much he made per month.

O’sere Flats-Legend Management

According to an article appearing on the Daily Nation titled ‘Ruto to lose millions of shillings in rent as new police housing plan comes into force’, the DP- through Lgend Management LTD-has rented out 72 units at Osere Flats in Ongata Rongai for a sum of kes16million annually. The lease runs from December 12,2017 to December 7,2020.

‘Ruto to lose millions of shillings in rent as new police housing plan comes into force
Flats Owned By Deputy President William Ruto Photo/Nation Media Group

O’sere Flats-Matiny Ltd
This is the second company associated with the Ruto family. Registered on July 29,1996, the company’s directors are the DP’s daughter Charlene Chelagat Ruto with a 14.3 shares stake and Rael Chebet Kimetti-who is believed to be the DP’s wife though Mrs Ruto first name is Rachel-taking the remainder of the shares. The company has leased 98 units at O’sere Flats to the police at an annual rent of kes20.3 million. The three year contract expired on June 3,2018. Through the company, the Ruto’s received a total of kes61 million.
In total, the DP leased a total of 170 units at Osere Flats.

Easton Apartments-Legend Managements
The DP has rented 100 units at Easton Apartments to the NPS through Legend Management. He has been collecting kes26.4million per year in rent. The lease entered on February 28, 2018 and ends on February 27,2021.
Legend Management directors are David Cheruiyot Rutto, Geoffrey Kiprotich Koros and Boniface Kibiy Terer. Next