List Of Sides Hustles Citizen TV News Anchors Have Been Banned From

Citizen TV Swahili news anchors PHOTO/COURTESY

Royal Media Services (RMS) banned Citizen TV news anchors from starting certain side hustles.

The media house argued that some side hustles started by its news anchors damage its brand.

A leaked memo stated that while RMS appreciates individual brands, the use of such for personal or corporate use affects the overall brand of the company.

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“These guidelines endeavor to facilitate and promote the effective and proper use of all talents and staff within the RMS brand umbrella and who protect RMS reputation and brand

“This means that common sense must be applied. A strict legal interpretation should not be used to justify accepting an advertiser or sponsor which the guidelines intended to stop,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

As such, RMS prohibited its staff from advertising for any faith or religion, alcohol products, political parties and politicians.

The company urged staff intending to take part in events or advertisements in certain categories to seek approval from the departmental heads.

The categories include Master of Ceremony in events, advertising for government agencies, advertisements that deal with a controversial subject that is in the matter of public policy and advertisements that could compromise the RMS editorial policy.

What’s more, the station warned its staff against appearing in any advertisement from their show or on their programme.

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“Any advertising that features a programme presenter or regular TV or radio artist should be clearly separated from their programmes,” reads the statement.

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