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HomenewsPoliticians Buy 41 Choppers Ahead Of Polls

Politicians Buy 41 Choppers Ahead Of Polls

Acquisition of new helicopters rose by 41 last year ahead of the August 9 General Elections and vigorous campaigns across the country.

According to Business Daily, official data showed the number of new planes increased by 47 to 782 last year.

This excluded helicopters owned by the National Police Service and the Kenya Defence Forces.

41 out of the 47 were choppers showing the increased demand from politicians who use choppers to move from place to place.

Politicians prefer choppers due to its ease in landing.

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Besides offering convenient means of transport due to speed, the use of copters among the political elite is a symbol of opulence.

Unlike before when hiring of the aircraft was for a few individuals, nowadays MPs, Senators and Governors are hiring choppers to keep up with their rivals.

A number of politicians own choppers, which they lease out or use during an electioneering period.

In March 2022, Standard reported that the political class imported over 300 helicopters in preparations for the 2022 polls.

Data from the South African Tax Authority shows that a total of 325 helicopters were imported from South Africa.

The number is an increase from 212 choppers brought into the country in 2005, two years to the 2007 polls.