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List Of Universities Barred From Offering Medicine Degree Programmes

The medical and dental practitioners boards and councils across East Africa has ordered the immediate closure of Uzima University College in Kisumu medical school over quality concerns. 

According to a report released by the board, Uzima’s 300 plus students are to be distributed to other institutions. This decision will be reviewed after six months when another inspection will be conducted. Kenyatta University (KU) and Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) have also been directed not to admit new students. 


 Reasons For Suspending medicine and surgery programmes;

Uzima University College 


  • conducting lectures in incomplete buildings
  •  failure to establish departments for basic sciences
  • over enrolment and gaps in staffing.


Part of the statement from the inspectors read:

“the school has not complied with the minimum requirements for training of medical students and should therefore close the institution and redistribute its students to other medical schools.”


  • over enrolment
  •  poor staffing ratios in both pre-clinical and clinical programmes
  • infrastructure gaps, weaknesses in staffing 
  •  lack of accommodation for clinical students next to a hospital.


  • failure to follow EAC guidelines on training and quality