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Boondocks Gang Bio, Youtube Income and Their Performance Fee

Kenyan all boy group Boondocks Gang is made up of six members. They include Bobby alias Ex-ray, Edward aka Maddox, Frank alias Odi wa Murang’a, and other three unnamed rappers.

Boondocks means an isolated or rough area.
The group has in the past locked horns with the gospel star Willy Paul calling him out for being an hypocrite.

“Mara juzi juzi Willy Paul ameimba Lamba Nyonyo hapa halafu akam kutuimbia ngoma ingine hapo utamskiza aje?,” loosely translated: “Recently Willy Paul released Lamba Nyonyo then goes to sing gospel songs. How does he us to respect him?” Boondocks posted on their social media spaces.

They did not stop there. The group went for Masterpiece (another gospel artist) jugular terming him a fake whose past time is sleeping with women. The post read:

“Mara juzi juzi Willy Paul ameimba Lamba Nyonyo hapa halafu akam kutuimbia ngoma ingine hapo utamskiza aje?”

Performance charges.
To book for a performance by Boondocks Gang artistes’ group, one must be prepared to part with Sh150,000 and above. According to a recent survey, Sauti Sol ranks the highest in terms of charges, asking for Sh800,000 per performance.

Youtube earnings.
Boondocks Gang has got over 96,000 youtube subscribers since joining Youtube in 2012. They have already uploaded videos have attracted a viewership of over 10 million.

A quick look into the statics of Boondocks Youtube earnings for the last seven months has been indicated as follows;
February 2020 $ 580
January 2020 $ 1.26K
December 2019 $ 1.27K
November 2019 $ 1.17K
October 2019 $ 917
September 2019 $ 990
August 2019 $ 1.03K

A recent daily analysis indicates Boondocks Gang earnings as;
February 18, 2020 $ 238-$ 1.43K
February 13, 2020 $ 61-$ 366
February 10, 2020 $ 29-$ 176
February 8, 2020, $ 25-$ 150
February 7, 2020 $ 13- $ 82
February 5, 2020 $ 17- $ 103
February 4, 2020 $ 8- $ 50

Currently, estimated income ranges between $3.78-$22.7K, with monthly estimated earnings ranging between $385-$2.31K.

Among the most trending videos is Kidolee which already has 52,748 new views. It was uploaded on November 12, 2019, and has a total cumulative impression of 1.54million.

Featured videos
These include,
Mboko Haram being among the highest viewed with 189,585 viewers. Others include, Thao, having over 1.9 million impressions, his latest upload Sidonyo Dance which was uploaded on March 3, 2020, and has 3,914 impressions currently.

Among other Boondocks songs posting the highest impressions include,
Taniua with 810,050 impressions since it was uploaded on February 10, this year.
Uploaded on November 29, last year Vuvuzela has since attracted 562,349 impressions.

On top of the list is Mathogothanio with 2.28million impressions since its upload on August 22, 2019.

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