Liz Jackson: Bold Beauty Who Asked For CS Alfred Mutua Number

Liz Jackson: Bold Beauty Who Asked For CS Alfred Mutua Number
Media personality Liz Jackson PHOTO/Instagram

Barely a month ago, Liz Jackson, a budding journalist working at Stage Presence Media (SPM) Buzz was a topic on social media after a clip showing her interacting with Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua went viral.

In the video, the 23-year-old could be seen talking with the CS shortly before she asked to have his mobile phone number.

In an interview with Nation, Liz said she was in State House covering South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to Kenya when she interacted with CS Mutua.

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“I got the invitation to State House very late and by late, I mean 40 minutes before the event was to start. I went to State House, but I was very scared and up until I got into the gate,” she recalled.

Liz noted that she caught the attention of the CS when she asked a question about art and entertainment during the presser.

“My question was on art and entertainment, and when I finished asking the question, I heard someone laughing, so I thought my question was stupid. But then I saw the CS turn and looked at me and appeared to be acknowledging my question,” she added.

The media personality said CS Mutua came to greet the media after the presser shortly before he walked towards her.

“He greeted everyone; it is just that that it is not on record. But when I saw him coming towards me, in my head I said I must secure an interview with him. So, when it was my time to greet him, I asked him if we could plan for an exclusive interview some other time and he said yes

“I asked him for his phone number, and he gave it to me; that moment was captured by our camera person,” Liz added.

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Liz Jackson works for SPM Buzz, owned by comedian Eddie Butita, and she as been working at the media company for close to a year.

“I work for SPM Buzz, and I am nine months old in the journalism field. The project management jobs I got were somehow boring to me and I wanted something interesting, and journalism was it

“I messaged Eddie Butita, the owner of SPM Buzz at 1am because he is a celebrity so when he wakes up my message would be at the top. He replied to my message around 6.15 am and called me for an interview. I went and got the job,” she said.

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