Polycarp Igathe Lands Top Job In South Africa

Polycarp Igathe PHOTO/Courtesy

Tiger Brands has announced the appointment of former Nairobi gubernatorial seat aspirant, Polycarp Igathe as Chief Growth Officer.

He has also been appointed to Zayd Abrahams as its Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer.

In a statement on Tuesday, November 22, the manufacturer said Igathe will resume his new role effective December 1, 2022 and January 1, 2023 respectively.

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“I look forward to the diverse set of capabilities and knowledge of the continent that Polycarp will bring to driving the execution of our ambitious growth strategy for the Rest of Africa business and his broader contribution to the development and execution of the Tiger Brands business strategy,” the company said on Tuesday.

Igathe had worked at the company as Managing Director in East Africa before joining Vivo Energy.

Igathe has occupied roles at leading companies sich as Coca-Cola, Kenya Breweries, Haco Industries Limited and Equity Bank.

He also held the position of Deputy Governor of Nairobi.

In April, Igathe disclosed that he has only applied for one job; his first job at Cocacola and he has since then been approached due to his competence.

“For me, we should not say that you need to be desperate to become a politician or you need to have nothing else to do to become a politician

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“I’m speaking to my integrity. I left a political position as deputy governor straight to becoming a senior executive in a bank. You should go and check the due diligence they do for you before you become an executive of a bank, that speaks to my integrity,” Igathe said.

He also disclosed that before joining Equity, the bank CEO James Mwangi had sent him 7 letters of appointment.

“James Mwangi is a dear friend, he was a dear friend and James gave me seven appointment letters before I accepted the seventh one to join Equity

“I am so fortunate in my life that I have learned on the table and I’ve sat on the shoulders of giants like Dr James Mwangi, he’s an absolute giant,” Igathe added.

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