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In the world of forex trading, understanding what is margin in forex is crucial for traders, especially those operating in Kenya. Margin is essentially...
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Loan Lending Apps In Kenya And Their Owners

Many Kenyans have resorted to borrowing due to the tough economic times. Money lenders have grabbed this opportunity to invent new mobile and easy ways of lending personal finances to the needy Kenyans without visiting banks.

Many institutions, some financial, have introduced mobile loan apps available for downloads on Google play store, for Kenyans to download, install on their smartphones, request for quick loans and obviously pay with interest.

Even though the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) warned that many of the lenders are not regulated by CBK, Kenyans have continued to use the apps.

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge, raised a red alarm, saying the loan apps access personal data of users, charge unregulated interests, thus posing great risk to Kenyans.

Some of the major app lenders and their mother companies in Kenya include:

1. Tala Kenya

Tala Mobile

2. OPesa

TK Limited

3. Branch

Branch International

4. OKash

OneSpot Technology Investment Limited

5. Zenka Loan App

Zenka Finance

6. KCB

KCB Bank Group

7. Chipper Cash

Critical Ideas, Inc.

8. PesaChap

Firch international company limited9


Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd

10. SC Mobile Kenya

Standard Chartered Bank PLC

11. Eazzy Banking

Finserve Africa

12. PesaZone Loans

PesaPro Limited

13. Fadhili

Fadhili Mobile

14. Timiza

Barclays Bank of Kenya

15. CBA Loop

Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA).

16. Utunzi

Utunzi Loans

17. Stawika

Stawika Capital Limited

18. Saida

Greenshoe Capital INC

19. Afrikaloan Kenya

Afrikaloan Kenya

20. Senti


21. Kenya Quick Loan Shop

Content Creators Centre

22. Usawa

Powered by Usawa

23. Shika Tala


24. Okolea

Okolea International

25. Tumiwa Loan


26. Kua Loans

App admin

27. Haraka Mobile Loans

GetBucks Pty (Ltd)

28. G-sort

G-sort Mobile

29. Ezap

Ezap Mobile

30. Pesa Plus


32. KopaKash

KopaKash Developer

33. Talla Kopo Rahisi


32. umba (formerly Mkopo Kaka)

Beatha Technology

33. Berry

Finberry Capital Limited

34. Eazzy Loans

Fountain Apps

34. Kava


35. Nguzo

App admin

36. Aspira


37. Inuka Mobile Cash

TechnuLabs Inc.

38. ExpertOption


39. Loans Chap Chap

iTech Developers

40. Stawi


41. Nellydollar

App admin

42. PesaPap

Family Bank

43. UbaPesa

UbaPesa Limited

44. Craft

App admin

45. Kano

Kano ventures

46. PayPal Mobile Cash

PayPal Mobile

47. Co-operative Bank Merchant

Co-Operative Bank of Kenya

48. Zidisha

Zidisha Inc

49. HF Whizz

HF Group

50. mKey Loan App

Finserve Africa