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Love & Loss In Kenya: How Charlotte Miles Lost Ksh20 Million To Maasai Lover After Divorcing Danish Husband 

When Charlotte Miles began a relationship with David, she thought they were solid. The Danish citizen invested emotionally and financially on a man she believed to be her lover only to be left disappointed and Ksh20 million short. 

Here is her story as told by WoK

Meeting the Kenyan lover 

Charlotte and her husband would often travel to Kenya on holidays. It is during one of these trips to Maasai Mara that she met David, a waiter at the time. 

The two struck a conversation and she was smitten. David lied that he was Maasai and since she was fascinated by the community, they started talking. 

The beginning of their romance 

Upon her return to Denmark, she lied to her husband that she was going to Spain but she was traveling to Kenya to see David. 

Her husband realized the truth and asked her to return home. He then told her that she could go back for three months and try to see whether it was serious with David. The husband thought David was just playing with her. 

The Dane came and stayed more than they had agreed and fell in love with him. Eventually, she got a divorce in order to be with her Kenyan lover. 

Her lover quit his job and she began to take care of everything. Once after buying him a car, he stopped responding to her texts. Her friends and family told her to forget about the car but she was unwilling to let it go. 

Giving him chances 

This prompted her to hire an investigator and David was arrested. She wanted the car back so she could sell it and move on. 

However, she later decided to forgive David and withdrew the charges. David was asked to say something by the judge and he said he loved her and they would get married. The judge even laughed with skepticism.

During this time, she also found out David was in a relationship with another woman and they had a child. He also had numerous affairs which she had unknowingly funded. 

The two made up and she even met his family. Soon, they began asking her for money which she provided. She even visited their village. During her trips to Denmark, David would have other women until he finally cut communications with her. 

Despite the heartbreak, she says she does not share the story for malevolent reasons. She just wants other women to beware. She also says that if David truly apologizes, she would take him back. The two have been in the relationship for about 10 years.