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Joyce Gituro: Why I Resigned Despite Heading Six Radio Stations, Career Journey And Breaking Up With Husband

Joyce Gituro is a renowned media personality with an impressive media portfolio spanning over two decades. She has worked at some of the leading radio stations in the country and continues to be relevant creating content with her son and friends in the media world.

Here is her career journey as told by WoK.

Background and Education 

The popular broadcaster was born and raised in Uasin Gishu. She later joined Daystar University for a Bachelor of Arts in media and Public Relations and later an MA in corporate communications from the same institution. 


The radio show host started her career at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation before moving to Royal Media Services owned station Radio Citizen in 2004. 

She worked her way to the top and was promoted in 2011 to overall head of radio. Because of this responsibility, she only got to host one show, which she did not want as she was not saved. 

However, looking back, she believes God really helped her. She left the station in 2018. 

The talented broadcaster soon secured a job at Milele FM as the head of radio and the host of the Sunday morning gospel show. 

While she was charged with managing six stations, the environment at Media max did not offer her a chance to grow. 

“In 2018 I saw an opportunity to grow, I was to run six stations at Media Max”

“I was to be the brand manager. It was not bad but the environment did not allow me to work. I resigned after a year and one month. I resigned despite being a single mother,” she said. 

She called it quits at Milele FM in 2019. A year later, she got a job at Radio Jambo in 2020. 

Gituro hosted Injili Jumapili, every Sunday morning. The same year, she also opened a communications company. She ran Sema na JG communications where she interviewed notable personalities about their lives. 

Later, she became the managing director of Miles Ahead Services Limited. 

She went on to create content with her bosom friends-Wilbroda, Jerida Andanyi among others.

Creating content with her son

But it’s the content she creates with her son Jakes Nyanjom that has given Joyce Gituro an enviable following. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. 

Their videos on Tik Tok and other social media platforms are entertaining and portray a mother-son relationship. 

From Radio To TikTok: How Radio Star Joyce Gituro And Her Son, Jakes Nyanjom, Are Taking The Internet By Storm


Speaking to Jeff Kuria, the media personality explained how her relationship ended and the red flags she ignored. 

Joyce and her partner began living together after she landed the job at KBC. She said that the major problem was insecurity and they did not start off as friends. 

Joyce had a child from a previous relationship. This continued even after she got a job at Citizen TV. The partner would show up to work wanting to see her. At times, he would also take the car when she wouldn’t go with him. 

Later, he got lost in a cult like church. She says at one point, he disappeared for a year leaving her to explain to the children his whereabouts. 

She even lied he was dead and they wondered why they had not gone to the funeral. Eventually, she had to explain to them that he was not dead. 

“My husband got into church and he became lost. I tried getting him back without success. I even involved his parents but he never listened. One day he just took his stuff and left for a whole year. The kids would constantly ask where he was, and I had to lie he had died,” recounted the media personality. 

In a past interview, she also revealed that when he left, he took everything from the house. She got home to find nothing and had to start afresh with the kids.