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Machakos Girls Principal, Performance, BOM, Extracurricular Activities And Contacts

The current principal of Machakos Girls is Mrs. Lucy Mugendi. Before joining this institution, Mrs Mugendi served as the deputy principal of Kenya High and later on as the principal after Mrs. Rosemary Saina retired. Her wealth of experience in heading a top performing school came handy when she took the leadership of Machakos Girl. Her midas touch is attributed to hard work and prayers that have propelled the extra county school to unimaginable heights. In the school website, the principal sums their goals are geared at:

Machakos Girls Principal, Performance, BOM, Extracurricular Activities And Contacts
Machakos Girls Principal Mrs. Lucy Mugendi Image/Machakoswebsite

“……producing an all-round student that is ready to fit and contribute positively to the society. Our reputation is based on the quality of our teaching, discipline and results”.


The school has a population of about 1000 students but that has not compromised on the quality of learning albeit with challenges. In 2016, the school scored a mean grade of 7.98 in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. And the school run of good results continued after registering a mean grade of 7.7018 (B-). Out of the 228 students who sat for their KCSE examination that year, 170 were eligible to join university. In the 2020 examination, a student from the school Edith Musomba was number 10 nationally with a mean grade of 87.13 points (A Plain). The school was the best in Machakos county having obtained a mean grade of 8.62. 

The principal told Mauvoo about their achievement:

“We played serious teamwork in preparing this class and it has given us good results. She did a lot of peer teaching to sharpen her skills. Edith was one of our needy cases and the CDF played a key role to ensure she went through her 4 years successfully by paying her fees.” 


Machakos Girls board of management chairman is David Masika. 

Co-curricular Activities 

Machakos Girls High School choir performs at the Kenya Music Festival in Nyeri IN 2018 Image/NMG

The school takes co-curricular activities seriously. They have a number of sporting activities and clubs that keep the students busy.


  • Machakos-Kitui Road
  • P.O. Box 13, Machakos 90100
  • 020-8071919
  • info@machakosgirls.sc.ke