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Why Chris Kirubi Divorced His Wife And Never Remarried 

He lived his life to the full. Chris Kirubi-or simply CK-was a man who loved the finer things life had to offer. And he worked tirelessly, mentored many and lived freely. CK was however not ready to have his happiness and freedom inhibited prompting him to divorce his wife in 1991. He was also a man busy making money and had little time for distractions even in sickness. A former employee told The Standard of his interaction with CK:

“Even when he was in the US, he could call every day at a particular time to find out how business was doing. He asked tough questions, and also praised hard work. He knew everything that was going on in his businesses…..” 

The billionaire was briefly married to the mother of his two children, Mary-Anne Musangi and Robert Kirubi, before they went separate ways. He said that his wife was quarrelsome and he found no joy in going home. 

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Sharing his thoughts on KTN’s Person of Interest programme interview, he said:

“If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women who are like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them………. going home to a quarrelsome woman… Now I go home to my Sausage Dogs and we don’t quarrel.”

He cautioned men against living in misery for the sake of being in a marriage. He found being in such a union as “too restrictive for me, going home at particular times… Divorce is a nasty thing, but if it has to happen it better happen. There is no point living in misery just to stay married.”

Admitting that he meets his wife every now and again, the billionaire said his ‘better half’ was conservative:

“I was outgoing. I wanted freedom. But my wife was conservative. People are born different, maybe we were not two of a kind… One has to be happy and enjoy it. It was too restrictive for me, going home at particular times. I now work until midnight and there are no questions asked,” …..“I am not heavily committed,”



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