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Magdalene Chesoli: Amputee Speaks On Challenges, How Prosthetics Changed Her Life

Magdalene Chesoli is an amputee who uses an artificial leg, also known as prosthetics to walk around.

In an exclusive interview with WoK, the customer service representative shared her journey and challenges she has faced as an amputee.

Here is her story.

Artificial leg

Speaking during the interview, Chesoli noted that she has never walked with both legs having been born without her left limb.

“I use an artificial leg on my left limb. My case was congenital meaning I was born like this; I’ve never walked with two legs,” she said.

Chesoli went to regular schools for her primary education before enrolling to a special school where she got the prosthetics.

She noted that the school principal helped her and two other students to get the artificial legs.

“Before I started using the prosthetics, I used to use a crutch and by the time I was done with class 8 my mum was advised to take me to a special school

“Courtesy of my principal I came to Nairobi, they did measurements for my prosthetics and from then my life changed for the better,” she said.


Chesoli stated that transitioning from using crutches to moving around with prosthetics was not easy for her and the other amputees.

At first, she noted that the artificial leg was too heavy but with encouragement amongst themselves, they got used to it.

“The transition was not an easy one, because I had been using that one crutch up to class 8. The fact that I was used to that particular crutch, the limb was so heavy but it reached a point we had to encourage ourselves,” she said.

Coping up with challenges

As a person living with disability, Chesoli has also had her fair share of challenges which include people being distant once they find put about her disability.

However, she noted that she has found ways of dealing with it.

“It starts with me, the fact that I accepted myself, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me.

“Whatever they think about or whatever they have in their minds about me hasn’t been a bother for now although it has been a working progress,” she said.

Chesoli advised people living with disabilities to accept themselves as they have no control over their situations.

“I would like to encourage them to accept themselves. Being in such situations, it’s not something that you have control of. You just have to accept it, the moment you accept yourself why not,” she said.


Chesoli is also into business.

She works with a fundi to make beaded Maasai sandals which she sells as a side hustle.

“I work with a fundi who makes them. Anytime I get orders, I place the order then the sandals are are brought,” Chesoli mentioned.

Catch the full interview below.