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Njeri wa Uji: How Porridge Vendor Built Father Permanent House From Proceeds Of Her Business

Many were inspired by the story of Njeri, or Njeri wa Uji, as she is commonly known. Through sheer hardwork and determination, she was able to build her father a house from profits she made from selling porridge. This is despite the fact that her father had abandoned them when they were still young. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.


Life was not easy for the businesslady growing up. The eldest of five siblings, she lost her mother at the age of 10. Her father abandoned the family and drowned in a life of alcoholism. 

Njeri and her siblings at times stayed with relatives and other times requested help from children homes. As the eldest, she took on the role of the breadwinner. She started selling tea after her mother’s death in order to put food on the table. Balancing work and school was not easy but she pressed on. 

Life after high school 

After high school, she worked at a construction site to earn a living. At one point she lived in Kibera where she witnessed how her father’s dependence on alcohol was affecting his life. She would pray to God to enable her be a blessing to her family one day. 

Hence, through her porridge selling business, she amassed enough money to set up a house for her father. Despite not having her own house or land, she did this for her remaining parent saying she understood that parents have issues as well.

“As I grew up, I came to understand that parents also face challenged. My dad is here and I love him so much and I would never blame a parent for anything,” she said. 

According to the Daily, as she handed the house to her father, she said nobody had helped her build the house. It was her porridge selling business and God who really helped her. 

She believes that if she accomplished this through selling porridge, then even her future plans will prosper through God’s help. 

Porridge Business

Before getting into business, she was employed but felt the money was not enough since she had many dependents. Prior to starting a porridge business, she tried various businesses including selling sugarcane juice and tea without success. When she started selling porridge, the business picked up and allowed her to make enough money.

Currently, Njeri wa Uji sells porridge in branches distributed across Githurai, Kasarani, Murang’a and town. She mills the flour herself and also sells different porridge flours for babies, ageing people and for different purposes.

Her flour is a mixture of several things, such as, ground nuts, cassava and terere. Apart from porridge, she also sells ground nuts and peanut butter. 

The entrepreneur, who has employed over twenty people, advised people not to choose work or despise those working in some professions. In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, she said she pursued education up to the university level.