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The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti is the Kenyan version of the legendary former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director J. Edgar...
HomenewsMagoha Announces 2020 KCSE Release Date, Fires 27 Teachers

Magoha Announces 2020 KCSE Release Date, Fires 27 Teachers

Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has announced that KCSE 2020 exam results will be released by May 10, 2021.

Addressing the media on Wednesday after overseeing the distribution of the last KCSE exam papers, Magoha noted that 27 teachers have been fired over leakage of the exams.

The Prof also announced that 35 civilians have been arrested over exam irregularities.

In addition to the arrests, Magoha divulged that 53 mobile phones have been confiscated and are currently undergoing examination by the relevant authorities.

Last week, Prof Magoha confirmed that an agriculture paper had been tampered with at an unnamed examination center and vowed to crack the whip on the perpetrators.

“As I speak to you now, we are trailing the culprits who exposed the agriculture paper which has just been done… That paper is a security document and when you expose it, you don’t know how we’ll trail where it was exposed from. Certain papers are meant for certain specific areas and for certain schools,” he said.

“I want to charge all security officers not to trust any center manager because for them to cut and remove any paper, then the officer must have been hoodwinked,” he added.