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Maina Kageni: My Mum Gave Ksh500,000 To US Preacher Benny Hinn But Denied Me Ksh40K Loan

  • Benny Hinn will be in Nairobi this February. The nationwide mega crusade has been sponsored by the state
  • The televangelist was in Nairobi in 2002 when Maina Kageni’s mother gave a tithe of Ksh500k

Renowned televangelist Toufik Benedictus  “Benny” Hinn is set to hold a nationwide state sponsored mega crusade in Nairobi. The Israeli-born American-Canadian man of God is known for his miracle crusades that draw hundreds of thousands of worshipers.

His influence is so great that Kenya First Lady Rachel Ruto in the company of Ugandan preacher Robert Kayanja paid him a visit in September 2023 to personally invite for the crusade. 

Benny Hinn, in one of sermons, shared the encounter,

“The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team, just for one reason; to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade..” 

Maina’s Kageni’s mother generous Tithe

Kenya high ranking radio host Maina Kageni shared how his mother made a generous tithe of Ksh500,000 to Benny Hinn.

The Classic 105 FM host went on to add that he had borrowed Ksh40,000 from his mother, but she refused, saying she did not have any money.

“My mum gave half a million to US preacher Bennie Hinn as tithe. Yet I asked her to give me Sh40,000 and she told me she did not have cash,” Maina shared on his show. 

Nairobi Mega Crusade

Neno Evangelism Centre founder James Ng’ang’a blasted a section of Kenyan preachers who asked for a contribution of Ksh 1 million to facilitate the mega crusade by Benny Hinn slated for February. 

He castigated the preachers for using Benny Hinn’s name to solicit money for the mage event. 

“We will honour Benny Hinn with offerings, but coming to me to say that we need to contribute Sh 1 million to prepare for his meeting is stealing using the name of God’s servant,” the controversial preacher stated.

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