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Joyce Gituro: Married Women Did Not Want Me Near Their Men After I Broke Up With My Husband

Former head of Radio at Royal Media Services, Joyce Gituro, faced a myriad of challenges when she separated from her husband.

In an interview on Lynn Ngugi show, the veteran media personality shared her career journey and falling in and out of love. 

Illustrious career

The former radio presenter loved her job but wanted to quit by the age of 50 and set up her own company. This dream became a reality when she hit 46 years. She quit her job at Mediamax and started her public relations company. 

Joyce Gituro Ex-Husband 

Gituro, who had stated earlier in the interview that she was not discussing her marriage, shared how her ex-husband introduced her to church and salvation. 

Although the two went their separate ways, the mother of three urged her children to ‘give their father something small’ when they started earning a salary. 

Joyce recalled how her former husband would preach and lead many to Christ. 

“My former husband would preach, watu wanaokoka. He would lead people to God……So many people were admiring me. This lady is married to a guy who knows the Lord, you know, watu wanatuona kwa kanisa tunasmile na watoto wetu”, she told Lynn. 

“This is the guy amenichukua aminilead kwa Christ and then he leaves me”, she bitterly narrated her falling out with her ex-husband. 

Depressed by the turn of events, she resorted to drinking. It took her four years to come to terms with her situation. 


Her attempts to find love as a single mom was not smooth sailing. “I tried dating around that time and I will tell you I got to a point where I said….hafadhali ni rudi kwa yule bwana yangu”, she said amid laughter. 

Gituro went on to add that people date single mothers ‘differently’. The former radio presenter said she has respect for men who marry women with children and embrace them. 

“I got into a relationship that lasted for like two years. Initially it was a very good relationship with a mature person but with time unaanza kuona, where are we headed?”, she said. 

“He doesn’t want to create time for you and kids”, she said of the relationship. 

Joyce Gituro Married women cutting ties with her

Mama Jakes, as she is also fondly known, said the biggest stereotype she faces as a single mother is from fellow women. She gave an example of being denied a chance to join a ‘chama’ because the members were not comfortable she did not have a husband. 

Some of her married friends even cut ties with her. 

“After we separated with my former husband, the women who were married, some of them cut ties. They even start doubting your morals. The wives feel like you are a threat, you can nyakua their husbands”, she said.

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