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Martin Kasavuli: Education And Illustrious Career Of Catherine Kasavuli Only Child

Martin Kasavuli is the son of departed veteran news anchor, Catherine Kasavuli who succumbed to cancer.

The legendary broadcaster died aged 60 at the Kenyatta National Hospital Private Wing where she was receiving treatment.

Little was known about her son, Martin, until recently when he asked for financial support to offset his mother’s hospital bill.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Financial support

Not much was known about Kasavuli’s family until recently when she was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer.

Following her death, Martin has been the go-to person on matters her mother’s burial and even offsetting the hospital bill.

In a letter addressed to the Media Council of Kenya CEO, he asked Kenyans of goodwill to help his family raise funds to clear the Ksh 4 million hospital bill.

He said the bill had been from her treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital and The Nairobi Hospital.

“At the time of her passing away, she had accrued a cumulative hospital bill of Ksh4 million, being bills at both Kenyatta National Hospital and The Nairobi Hospital

“We anticipate further bills at the funeral home and costs of interment which we can’t estimate now,” Martin mentioned.

He has also been updating Kenyans on his mother’s burial plans.

Relationship with mother

During Kasavuli’s 50th birthday, Martin heaped praised on his mother and acknowledged how beautiful she looked despite her age.

He noted that although they get along well, they also disagree, adding that he considered himself lucky for having a mother like her.

“My mother is 50 but she looks so good… We get along so well, but we also disagree so well,” Martin said.

During the same event, Kasavuli also recalled moments that she shared with her son when he was a little baby.

She recalled an instance where she was forced to go with Martin to the studio since she had no house-help to look after him.

“I warned him not to cough, belch, breath, sigh or break wind! He sat there at a corner in a tiny little chair and watched me read the news

“Come to think of it, that was a very big risk. But looking back, I just realise it was all about zeal and commitment. It was quite hilarious though,” Kasavuli said at the time.

Kasavuli also noted that she regretted missing some moments with her son due to her demanding career.

“There are days I would have loved to have breakfast and dinner with him but I was on the early morning 4am shift or working until midnight. However, I tried my best to take him on holiday – just the two of us,” she said.


Martin attended Keele University.

According to his LinkedIn page, Martin is the co-founder of Kasavuli Media Group and Spin Digital.

He describes himself as a multi-talented executive with over 18 years experience across 7 countries including emerging markets in Africa.

He has worked on projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Sierra Leone.

Martin has also served in Managing Director, Head of Sales, Business Development Manager, Communications Director and General Manager positions in various organizations across markets.

He has worked with notable brands such as Vodafone (England), Radio Africa, Nation Media Group, Ogilvy & Mather and SBS Africa.