Private Schools Increase Fees By 47 Percent, Cites Inflation

Private schools have increased school fees by up to 47 percent amid the high cost of living, Business Daily has reported.

The increase has been attributed to rising inflation which has since eased to 9.1 percent from a 67-month high of 9.6 percent in October.

Following the review, some schools have since communicated to parents about the increase ahead of schools opening slated for later this month.

Most schools’ tuition fees increased to around Ksh 59,011 and Ksh 66,495 per term, while transport charges will range between Ksh 10,109 and Ksh 20,642.

Term one starts on January 23 and end on April 21.

The second term will run from May 8 to August 11, this will be followed by a two-week holiday.

The third and final term will start on August 28 up to November 3, then followed by a three weeks holiday.

Elsewhere, the government scrapped the Ksh 8,500 subsidy on public school tuition fees.

This is after the government announced the end of the school fees subsidy that had been imposed to cushion them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A circular by Basic Education Principal Secretary Jwan Julius indicated that the government will revert to the fee that was being charged before COVID-19.

The changes will see parents with children in national and extra-county schools pay Ksh 53,554, up from the current Ksh 45,000.

Learners in county and sub-county boarding secondary schools will be required to part with Ksh 40,535 per year, up from Ksh 35,000.

However, learners in day schools will continue to pay lunch fees as the government will continue settling their Ksh 22,400 tuition fee and other expenses.