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Maureen Owino: House Help Who Worked Her Way To Becoming Flight Attendant, Now Owns Flats

Rebecca Maureen Owino’s story is one filled with pain, determination, resilience and hope. While speaking to Lynn Ngugi, the former flight attendant detailed her difficult journey to the top while thanking God for her success. She has been through the most yet her determination and courage have seen her rise to an inspiring success story. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.


Raised by a single mother, life was extremely difficult that they were sent to live with their grandmother. Here, she quickly learnt they were unwanted and would hear people saying they were a burden. She started taking care of peoples’ babies at a young age. 

Becoming a maid 

After primary school, she was unable to continue with high school immediately as no one was willing to fully help her.

Little Rebecca ended up working as a maid in a number of households. Some of her employers mistreated her.

She recalled informing the lady of the house that the husband had tried to sleep with her, she rebuked her saying her husband couldn’t be into someone like her. Another one fired her because she asked to be taken back to school.

In another instance, a husband beat his wife because he found them speaking. He wanted to know why she would be speaking to the maid. 

Going to Dubai 

Later, she left the job and found solace in a church. She would sleep on the church bench and thankfully got to talk to Rev. Cathy Kiuna who really encouraged her.

She encouraged her to get into modelling school as it was something she loved. Maureen got a few modelling gigs and even acted as an usher on Tusker Project Fame. 

While listening to people talking, she learnt that a Dubai company was looking for sales people. Grabbing the opportunity, she borrowed a suit, attended the interview and got the job.

Upon landing in Dubai, they lived in shared accommodation spaces with many other women and life was as easy as she had anticipated. She had gone to ‘Gumbaro’ while in Kenya and flew back to do her KCSE, managing to attain a C- minus. 

Flight Attendant 

The sales job was so hard but she pushed on. People would often encourage her to be a flight attendant and she finally went for interview at Etihad Airways.

After several failed attempts, she was accepted and sent to flight school where she initially failed the exam. Later, she passed very well and began flying for the airline. 

After two years, she got a loan and built flats back home in Kenya. Maureen Owino later on constructed a five-bedroom house for herself. While with the airlines, she was also able to educate her siblings and some of their children.

Both her parents were dead at this point. Had her mother been alive, she would have built her a house. 

In 2020, she was made redundant and took the news with courage. She knew she was going home to something. 


For years, she had been praying for a husband and had nearly gave up on it. In 2023, she met her husband and six months later they were married. Rebecca believes it was her time and God is never late. 

The landlady also has a nail business and a YouTube channel called Nilotic Empress.