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MC Fullstop: His Education, Career, Sickness And Collapse Of Supremacy Sounds  

By Prudence Minayo

Mc Fullstop, real name John Maina, is a renowned Kenyan reggae hype man who has been in the entertainment industry since the 90s. His verve, energy and how he easily works party lovers made him one of the biggest names in Kenyan entertainment. 

Here is his early life, illness and illustrious career as told by WoK.


Scanty information on his education background is available on the public domain. 


Mc Fullstop made his debut in 1994 when he was only fourteen years old. He was mentored by a fellow entertainer, quickly blossoming to become his own man.

At one point, he was also part of the Supremacy Sound show on K24, a popular dancehall reggae show that aired every Saturday at midday. His contract with the show was unceremoniously cancelled leaving him wondering what went wrong.

“It all happened unceremoniously because I had gone for a show to Dubai immediately I recovered and I was explicitly told that my services were no longer required by Supremacy Sounds,” he told The Standard.

He added that it was disappointing because he had sacrificed a lot for the unit. Fullstop also said he was the face and sound of the show until he became sick and things began being run haphazardly. 

He has also worked at K24 hosting the Riddim Vybz program. Before joining K24, he worked at Kiss FM and Citizen TV. 

He also joined NRG radio where he worked on Saturday alongside DJ Smash. 

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In 2015 he went MIA; rumours started flying around that he had been infected with HIV/AIDS.

However, he clarified he had issues with his liver due to alcohol related complications.

He warned the youths against taking alcohol as he had experienced its effects firsthand since he began taking it in 1996.

He said many people abandoned him because of his sickness but at that time he found God. For the first time in his life, he attended a church service and learnt he had been given a second chance. 

he explained to his followers that he had been ailing from a disease called labor pneumonia leading to his inactivity.

“ My sincere apologies to all fans for not being able to perform on Radio, TV, clubs or events for now.

I have been unwell and currently hospitalized (admitted) undergoing treatment for a disease of the lungs- Labor pneumonia at Nairobi West Hospital . I thank everyone for positive energy and love. God willing, I will get back soon,” he said. 

The betting firm Odibets came through for him and ensured his bills amounting nearly half a million were fully paid and that he was successfully discharged on 15th November. 

Fast forward to 2023, the hype man shared a disheartening message on his social media platforms. His left long had collapsed due to TB. The message read:

“Hii imeenda” literally. My left lung has totally collapsed nimebaki na moja. In 2021 i was diagnosed with TB ya lungs ikasosi lungs kabisa. 2022 nikapata TB ya throat nayo ikanimaliza sauti, Running, walking, kuongea ni shida……

Alafu lungs zina lungs ufala unlike Liver, haiwezi ji heal itabidi nijipange hapa naona niki hang boots. I just wanna say thanks kwa wale wamekuwa wakini support in this difficult moments God awa bless tu sana.


Collapse Of Supremacy Sounds  

Supremacy Sounds is on the verge of collapse after the exit of top talent. According to a report on the Standard, big names like Miss Ebony, DJ Smash and the unit manager Benson Kyendo were either kicked out or left. According to Fullstop, Supremacy Sounds lost the K24 gig due to unprofessionalism. 

“Supremacy used to be a serious unit with hardworking personnel when it started,” a source told the publication.

“Problems started to happen when they recruited these young DJs who only care about alcohol and random sex.

‘’K24 used to pay (DJ) Juan who, instead of taking it to Supremacy and sharing it with Fullstop, ‘ate’ it all. The people at K24 were not happy and decided to cancel the deal entirely,” the source went on to state.