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Top Ten Best Countries For Kenyan Students To Study Abroad

By Prudence Minayo 

A good number of Kenyans harbour dreams of studying abroad. The quality of education in some of these countries is very high and so is the quality of living. This and just a general desire to travel the world, inspires many Kenyans to look for study programs abroad. 

Below are the top ten best countries for Kenyans students to study abroad. The countries also provide scholarships to deserving foreign students. 


Australia is a dynamic, modern country with friendly people. Thousands of Kenyan students are studying in Australian universities and the lifestyle and quality of living is ranks among the best in the world. 

Kenyan students don’t have to prove their proficiency in English to study in an international university in Australia. They also don’t need to set up a restricted bank account, which restricts the amount of money you can withdraw every month. 

Kenyan students living in Australia have praised the education program, and the culture of the people. The country also offers Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) which assists students pay for medical and health care. 

United States of America (USA)

The USA has for a long time been the number one destination for most Kenyans wishing to study abroad. The quality of education, lifestyle and the country itself has always been the reason why students troop there. Universities such as, Harvard, Stanford, Texas A&M, Yale and New York appeal to many international students. 


China is one of the best places for Kenyan students to study. International students who have been to China before have praised it for its excellent level of education. One such student while giving an interview said the credentials he acquired in China have been very instrumental in getting him a job. Beyond classroom, Kenyan students get to experience the unique society in its totality. 

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has one of the best education systems in the world. It is home to some of the most prestigious Universities including Oxford University, Liverpool University and University of Cambridge and London School of Business. 

Such universities, make the country a top priority for most seeking education abroad. The universities are very well equipped and one is taught by the best professors in the world. 

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The country has one of the best immigration programs in the world. This makes it easy for people to gain entry into the country, and gaining permanent residency or Canadian citizenship is not as difficult as other first world countries. 

The education system in Canada is not only among the best in the world but studying in Canada also gives you access to permanent residency pathway after graduation. 


Finland education system is world class. They eclipse the UK, USA and Australia in Math, Science, and reading score. In 2019, their universities were ranked among the top 3 percent globally. From the very beginning, their education system prepares students for the real world. 

They also market their education as affordable and provide students with job opportunities. 

Kenyan students don’t need a health visa to study in Finland and also don’t need to prove they speak English well enough or a restricted bank account. 


Dutch Universities are known to be among the top universities in the world, competing with other famous universities in the UK and USA.  It is one of the top non English speaking countries abroad with a quality education system. 

Getting a job all over the world after graduation from Netherland Universities is also not very difficult. You could also get a job in the many English speaking companies in Netherlands. 

Apart from education, students get to experience visionary architecture, contemporary fashion and tons of street markets. 


Sweden is also a top destination for students wishing to study abroad. There is a variety of English-taught study programs and disciplines. 

Sweden also has a rich history and an international renowned education system that offers thriving student life. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand has a lot to offer for students willing to study there. They have an excellent education system, international accredited qualification, ample opportunities and quality way of life. All of the universities in the country adhere to global standards and are often inspected by the government. 


Considered a very attractive place for international students, they pride themselves in having an education system that is above global standards. Their university tuition fee is also very affordable. In 2014, tuition fees was abolished for undergraduate students at a public universities. Both domestic and international students  study free except for a small administration fee. There are about 300 public universities and more than 1000 study programs to choose from in Germany.

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