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Mean Billionaires? List Of Super Wealthy Kenyans Who Have Not Donated Anything In The Fight Against Coronavirus 

Are Africans billionaires a mean lot? That seems to be the case if their long silence over the coronavirus pandemic is anything to go by. While it’s not an obligation-in a country like Kenya where the divide between the poor and rich is so wide-the super wealthy have a moral duty to chip in to minimise the spread of the deadly virus that is ravaging economies. 

A good example has been set by Ali baba founder Jack Ma who has donated 1.1million testing kits,6million masks & 60,000 protective suits to be distributed throughout Africa.  Kenya received 20,000 Covid-19 testing kits, face masks and other assorted protective equipment courtesy of the billionaire’s Ali baba Foundation. 

Aliko Dangote: he has set an example to be emulated by other billionaires in the continent. The Nigerian magnate has pledged  N200million through the Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF) to combat the spread of CoronaVirus or Covid-19 in his country. 

Kenyan billionaires

Chris Kirubi–Apart from being generous with money making tips on his social media platforms, billionaire Chris Kirubi is not known to be charitable. The business magnate-though some may dispute this tag-is on the verge of buying kes2.7bn more Centum shares. Although he has not given any monetary undertaking in the fight against this virus, the tycoon has been sharing information on how to keep safe. 

One of his most recent tweet reads:

Your health should always be your number one priority!

Take the quarantine seriously, follow the health recommendations given by medical specialists and take extra measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection. 

SK Macharia

Kenyan media is synonymous with Samuel Kamau Macharia (popularly known as SK Macharia). Royal Media Services (RMS) grip on the airwaves is the envy of their competitors. SK Macharia, the founder and chairman of RMS, has not given any donation to help the government fight COVID-19. 

Vimal Shah 

The dollar billionaire has remained mum over the pandemic. The CEO of Bidco Refineries Vimal Shah has not shown any real concern over the virus. 

Other billionaires who should stand to counted during this hard times include;

Odinga family

Kenyatta family

Moi family

Naushad Merali-chairman of the Sameer Investment Group

Manu Chandaria