Top Ten Popular TV Shows in Kenya In 2020

Television stations will spare no effort to ensure they get the highest ratings. Simply put, viewership determines who advertises on your station. The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC),s Vioja Mahakamani’ and ‘Vitimbi’ were the groundbreakers for many shows in the industry. 

Today, the industry has grown and a lot of people are spoilt for choice due to the number of shows on TV. This article takes a look at the most popular shows in Kenya right now. These shows are a must watch for most Kenyans on a weekly basis.


The drama that airs every weekday at 7:30 on Citizen and has been a hit since it first aired. It focuses on the dynamics of a modern day rich family and how they relate to other people. The nineteen-year-old Yasmin Said is the lead actress, Maria. She is a ghetto tomboy that comes to live with a rich family and attracts the attention of the eldest son which creates an interesting love triangle. The intrigue, schemes and  interaction of the characters keeps many Kenyan viewers glued to the screen. Statistics show this is 2019’s most watched program, even the actors did not know the show would be this successful.


The comic KTN drama airs every Tuesday from 7:30p.m-8:00p.m. The drama portrays the challenges faced by Kwota hospital and how they are resolved. The sitcom has warmed into many people hearts and among its​ main stars are former ‘Vioja Mahakamani’ actors, Ondiek Nyuka and Mathias Keya.

Auntie Boss

The comedy drama produced by Eve D’ Souza, who acts as Vashita in the show, first aired in 2014 on NTV. It delves into the life of house helps in the fictitious Taifa estate. The house helps are sassy, chatterboxes and very funny to watch. They annoy their employers but can’t be fired as they do an exemplary job and are loved by the employer’s kids.

One love

One of the hottest reggae and dancehall show in the country airing every Saturday from 10:00p.m-1.00p.m. The show hosted by Talia Oyando and Dominic Kariuki, aka Coco Sobo, appeals to many viewers, especially the youth. They play and dance to the hottest reggae songs and invite popular musicians like, Vybz Kratel, Konshens and Ricky Blaze. 

 Churchill Show

The show which premiered in 2007 on NTV is hosted by Churchill, Daniel Ndambuki, who has been in the industry since 1996. The award winning show attracts one of the largest audience in Kenya both on TV and during live performance. The show has mentored and jump-started the careers of many popular comedians/ actors, such as, Eric Omondi, DJ Shiti and Chipikeezy. Its sister show, Churchill raw, is also a great success and helps nurture many upcoming comedians. Churchill who made his TV debut in ‘Redyuculas’ back in the day is now a household name and his show continues to nurture, educate and entertain many Kenyans. A lot of notable names both nationally and internationally, such as, Don Moen, Uhuru Kenyatta, Vanessa Mdee and Mike Ezuruonye, have at one time graced the show. 

The trend

The trend first aired in 2012 on NTV but became a national sensation when Larry Madowo took the reins from James Smart December the same year. Trending topics/people have always been the major focus of the show, including short funny videos of the week. It has also attracted famous people, like, Njugush, Njambi Koikai, Anita Nderu and Eddy Butita as panel members. The gorgeous Amina Abdi became the new face of the show in 2017 when Larry Madowo left to join BBC.

 Jeff Koinange Live (JKL)

The name Jeff Koinange is a brand on its own. The veteran news anchor’s career as the African correspondent for CNN boosted  his fame throughout the world. His unique voice and confidence have propelled him to greater heights and it is no wonder that JKL is a blooming success. The live hosted every Wednesday on Citizen TV has a massive audience and has featured the country’s most prominent politicians and inspiring Kenyan civilians. The eloquency and tact Jeff uses in his interview keeps many Kenyans glued to their screens.

10 over 10

10 over 10 is hosted on Citizen TV every Friday at 10pm by Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu. It has caught the eye of many Kenyans, especially the youth. The controversial show has for a long time been under attack from a section of Kenyans, including the CEO of Kenya Films and Classification Board, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. They term the show as immoral and think it should be scraped off Citizen TV. However, the show is still thriving and continues to host many celebrities in Kenya and beyond.

Upclose on Weekend with Betty

K24 has seen a significant boost in viewers and YouTube subscribers since introducing Upclose. The controversial media personality Betty Kyallo is the face of the show. She interviews politicians, musicians and the common mwananchi. The refreshing interviews take place in people’s homes or workplaces. Betty’s bubbly personality resonates very well with her audience and interviewers. Viewers get to experience the  laid back side of their famous celebrities and the challenges faced by people from low income backgrounds, since the host is on the ground. She spends the day with her interviewers from morning till evening enabling the audience feel like they are there with the person.


Gospel shows: Bambika and Crossover 101

Bambika has been on Citizen TV for ages and is the number one gospel show. The  hosts have done live performances in many schools and universities across the country. Crossover comes in second and  features amazing songs and musicians. Strong personalities that have suffered in the journey to success are also invited to inspire others.