Melina Gold: 24-year-old Stylist Dressing Eric Omondi, Adenkule

Melina Gold: 24-year-old Stylist Dressing Eric Omondi, Adenkule
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Stylists are currently on high demand as more people are mindful of what they wear and how they look.

In Kenya, a number of stylists, including 24-year-old Melina Gold, have made a name for themselves and their brands by dressing and styling their clients, who are either celebrities, politicians and other influential people.

Her job as a stylist involves selecting and coordinating outfits and accessories to come up with a complete look that best complements the client body and image. According to Melina, there is a big difference between style and fashion, noting that fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with the attires.

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Styling as a talent

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Melina stated that styling is not something that is taught in school. It is a natural ability and gift that is perfected with a lot of practice and creativity.

Knowing how to work well with colour, fabrics, moods and personality. This makes it open for anyone with this gift to be a stylist.

Styling as a career

Needless to say, stylists make a lot of money from their craft. “…there is good money in this field. You just need to be smart about it and I am a testimony to that. My brand is a luxury brand so I can attest the money is good based on how you position yourself,” she said.

Unfortunately, many people are yet to grasp the importance of professional styling, and still prefer copying other people’s sense of style. According to Melina, we still have a long way to go.

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Photo: Melina Gold styling TV Host Kush Tracey

Melina has an impressive track record, having dressed a number of celebrities, both local and international. In Kenya, she dresses Kenyan rapper Noti Flow, comedian Eric Omondi, and many others. Outside Kenya, she has had the pleasure of styling Nigerian star Adenkule Gold.

For celebrities, good styling is a crucial part of their career. A stylist helps create the artist’s image and keeps it consistent, in line with the celebrity’s brand.

However, she decries the poor choice of dressing by most Kenyan celebrities.

“Here in Kenya, there is so much fakeness. You will find celebrities who don’t know how to dress, others wear fake designers, while some when busted act like they didn’t know. They dress worse than their fans and expect to be adored and supported. Is that not a joke?” she exclaims.
Photo: Melina Gold

Career highlight

Speaking on the highlight of her career, Ms. Gold noted that dressing Adenkule Gold was the peak of her career, adding that the Nigerian singer understands the value of a good stylist.
Photo: Melina Gold with Adenkule Gold

“My major highstyling was when I dressed Adekunle Gold, he really understands the value of a stylist. I also really enjoy working with Erick Omondi, despite our now and then altercations, he knows how to invest in his image which keeps him trending often,” she adds.

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