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Menu, Cost Of Food And Beer In The SGR Cafeteria

Kenyans have been angered by a new directive by Kenya Railways banning “alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cooked food” into their termini and stations. Passengers traveling on the Madaraka Express train will be frisked and any foodstuff or drinks found on them will be confiscated before boarding the train. The statement from KR read:

“Kenya Railways wishes to remind our passengers and customers that alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cooked food are strictly prohibited into the termini and stations.

“Those items will be confiscated at security checkpoints at the termini and train stations. Please note that items once confiscated will not be repossessed.”

Passengers and customers can however purchase foodstuff and drinks from the cafeterias at their termini or onboard.
So what is the cost of buying foodstuff from the SGR cafeteria?
Here is their menu:

Menu, Cost Of Food And Beer In The SGR Cafeteria
Food onboard the train is expensive Photo/ppakahawa.wordpress.com

Hot Beverages
Coffee (200ml)-kshs100
Hot Chocolate-Kshs150

Whole Fruits
Apple (1 piece)-kshs50
Banana (1 piece)-kshs50

Chicken wrap with coleslaw salad-kshs300

Alcoholic Drinks
Tusker Lager-kshs350
Tusker Lite-kshs350
Pilsner Lager 500ml-350
White cap 500ml-350
Guarana 330ml-350
Guinness 500ml-400
Heineken 500ml-400