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Michael “Smallz” Munyoki: From Minor Roles to Directing Click Click Bang 

Michael "Smallz" Munyoki.
Michael “Smallz” Munyoki during a Shomax event. Photo/Showmax.

Most people would tell you about the difficulties of being an upcoming actor in Kenya.

This is often characterized by minor roles accompanied by an equally minor cheque.

The latter was not the case with Michael Munyoki whose first cheque was KSh 96,000.

This inspired him to pursue acting seriously. After all, it was nice to get paid for doing what he loves.

“I looked at the cheque and said if I can do what I love and get paid for it, then why am I struggling? Then I said, come what, I am sticking to my arts,” he was quoted by Pulse Kenya.

Acting Career 

Over the years, Michael has featured in several films. His debut in action was on Groove Theory.

In a past interview with the Daily Nation, he explained how elated he was to be on set for the first time

“It was the best feeling in the world. It felt amazing to be on set. When all the lights came on I felt like I was IN Hollywood. Like I had achieved all of my dreams.” he said.

Despite the amazing feelings, he was still unsure of whether he would like to do acting as a full-time job.

While he played a minor role and did a lot of singing, he was featured in numerous episodes.

Thus, when payment came, all his doubts were cleared and he knew he wanted to pursue acting.

The talented actor has gone on to participate in numerous productions including Chini ya Mnazi, Trap House, Mpakani, Haki Mwitu, Njoro wa Uba, Aunty Boss,

He has also appeared in Sue na Johnny, Varshita, Waliobaki, Maempress, Crime and Justice, Mission to Rescue, Single Kiasi, Click Click Bang and A Grand Little Lie.

In the last two films, Click Click Bang and A Grand Little Lie, he worked as an assistant director.

This was something he had hoped for, for a long time. He reached out to Phil’s Director and insisted on being given a chance, which paid off.


While he has achieved success in the arts, he has also dealt with several challenges.

One of them being alcoholism. In an interview with Nairobi News, he revealed that most artists are caught up in drugs and alcohol.

He explained that it was because of the creative gene that tends to over-analyze things. Hence, leading to drugs and alcohol to suppress the restlessness.

The Single Kiasi actor revealed that he is eight years sober and it is the best decision of his life.