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Michelle Ntalami: Businesswoman Gets Saved After Encounter With God

Michelle Ntalami.
Michelle Ntalami says she is saved after meeting God. Photo/Michelle Ntalami.

Businesswoman and social media influencer Michelle Ntalami has publicly announced that she is saved.

In an Instagram post, Ntalami shared about meeting God nine months ago.

The businesswoman also deleted all her previous posts and photos only keeping the ones praising God.

Ntalami said she has done her fair share of publicity for herself, brands and others but now she will do it for Jesus Christ.

The businesswoman said on August 21, 2023, she encountered a life-changing meeting with God.

Ntalami said she carried deep emotional trauma from various experiences throughout her life.

The trauma began to take a toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

She hit rock bottom in 2023 and, in a moment of total surrender, cried out to God, doubting his presence.

“One night in total surrender, I cried out to God questioning His existence. In an instant, I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me! A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name “Michelle” 3 times,”

“He blinded me and threw me to the floor. In that moment, knew I was in the presence of the Lord! Then God said; ‘Yes, I am real,” she said.

Ntalami said she entered a period of seclusion and cleansing.

She explained that God guided her to step away from social media and focus on her healing.

The businesswoman added that the period of cleansing lasted nine months.

“I fully gave my life to Jesus! Everything I do in my life will all be for the Glory of God,” she said.

Ntalami welcomed her followers and friends to join her in the journey of serving God.

“To you, friends, fans, followers and even ‘foes’ who would like to join me in my new Chapter, welcome! We will walk together in Christ,”

“Who the Son sets free, is free indeed,” she added.